About Kirkland Spa

You can always rely on the staff at Kirkland spa to give a warm and friendly welcome and leave feeling refreshed, like you’ve just had a good catch up with an old friend.

Gillian is the owner of Kirkland Spa and started the business in 2011. She initially opened the business at her lovely farm house (North Kirkland Farm) just outside Eagelsham and this is where the name Kirkland Spa derives from. In 2015 she was given the opportunity to expand the business and open a second salon at Clarkston House where we were able to combine hair treatments with all the spa and beauty treatments

Gillian has a background in hairdressing starting from the young age of 14 as a Saturday junior working her way up as a stylist with Irvine Rusk until she was 24 when she had a career change and then stopped to have her family. After after a few years out she decided to go back to work and to tap in to the beauty side of the industry, completing her qualifications waxing, tanning, shellac manicures and CACI Facials which inspired her to open Kirkland Spa. Over the past few years the business has come on leaps and bounds

Natalie is the baby of Kirklands spa team with a whole lot of passion for hair.

Although very recently qualified in hairdressing Natalie as a toddler was forever chopping of her dolly’s hair and playing hairdresser with her mum. Realizing her passion at such an early age Natalie knew hairdressing was the career path she was going to follow.

Natalie had been working assisting hairdressers for a few years when Kirklands head stylist Gillian Murdoch witnessed Natalie’s potential and decided to work with Natalie and make her the stylist she is today.

Natalie loves hairdressing but also loves a good night out, she prides herself in keeping up with new hair trends and loves a bit of hair glamour.

Amazing space

Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.